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Re-establishing the core of business values, Staff America streamlines the lag between business, talent, and payroll. Offering recruitment and talent acquisition services through a face to face approach, we find the right staff for the job. Managing long to short term contracts, we handle all stages of recruitment, placement, and workforce implementation, drawing from extensive experience and specialism to manage the very best of client needs.

Technology Services:

Companies of many sizes rely on Staff America for projects ranging from Software Development, Cloud Computing, Test Automation, Integration, Web Applications Security and Program Management. The combination of our sourcing strategies; online candidate research & recruiting activities and networking service, with more than 20+ years of experience, enables us to quickly meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

Payroll and Management:

Through payroll and management services, we take the stress out of logistics, maintaining staff as a separate legal entity and absolving employers of liability, whilst offering a hands-on approach that combines bespoke service and counsel in recruitment, with research-based vetting systems, developed with clients and sealed with a handshake.


Contract Recruiting

& Consulting Services


Talent Acquisition:

Through ongoing assessment and research, we ensure all staff and recruits maximize their business utility. Providing in-house staff placements with client-specific management and training, to ease initial integration and transition, and familiarise with client needs and expectations so they can hit the ground running.


Offering an initial free consultation, our recruitment consultants bring persistent, creative, knowledgeable expertise, to manage client needs and staff. Offering in-person solution-driven results to talent, payroll, compliance and process improvement, with ATS experts that can streamline processes for organizations and executive teams

Ancillary support teams:

"The best team you never had."

Understanding business brand and technology, with custom team services we assemble an independent team of specialists to provide ancillary support to businesses. One managed by an independent specialist, to create temporary departments specifically formed to meet project deadlines and targets. Through ongoing relationship development and direct feedback, we maintain client rosters, managing talent, so that you know the very best is always a phone call away.

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