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Streamlining the lag between business, talent and payroll.

Re-establishing the Core of Business Values

Staff America streamlines the lag between business, talent and payroll. Offering recruitment and talent acquisition services through a face to face approach, we find the right staff for the job. Managing long to short term contracts, we handle all stages of recruitment, placement, and workforce implementation, drawing from extensive experience and specialism to manage the very best of client needs.

Payroll and Management

Through payroll and management services, we take the stress out of logistics, maintaining staff as a separate legal entity and absolving employers of liability...

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Ancillary Support Teams

Understanding business brand and technology, with custom team services we assemble an independent team of specialists to provide ancillary support... 

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Offering an initial free consultation, our recruitment consultants bring persistent, creative, knowledgeable expertise, to manage client needs and staff....

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Talent Recruitment

Through ongoing assessment and research, we ensure all staff and recruits maximise their business utility. In-house staff placements with client-specific management... 

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